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THE OFFICE / THE ARTIST is a recording, mixing, mastering and sound design studio located in the near southern Parisian suburbs. Born in 2007 of the desire to create a place where cohabitate advanced equipment for uncompromising sound quality and relaxed and friendly atmosphere, we provide our customers a calm frame and discreet, conducive to creativity and productivity.
Unlike all Parisian studios, you work in the light of day and take your poses in a green garden without any traffic noise, which is why many prestigious customers like Thomas Caruso, Vogue, Lancôme, Fe Kennedy, Yanis, Gunwood, Evolving Sound and many others trust us.
Regardless of the client or the project, we do not take no shortcuts and don't use any presets in order to deliver the best possible studio experience.

Our two hybrid studios digital / analog, completely bathed in natural light and with custom acoustics, offer a collection of peripherals and microphones modern and vintage to meet the needs of the most advanced projects. You can find the complete list of our equipment here.

THE OFFICE / THE ARTIST is a human sized studio, artist focused where the owner is also the chief engineer so whatever the project you will always be in the best cabin with the best engineer and with all the attention on your music. All our sessions are 100% confidential and only by appointment, our priority is to give you the tools to express yourself fully and effectively, that's why our customers come back.

The Office / The Artist, Mastering Engineer on SoundBetter

Jean-François DI RIENZO

Sound engineer

Jean-Francois DI RIENZO I started my career as a musician on stage after graduating from school ATLA (Paris 18ème in 2006) playing for groups Outcast (Listenable Records), The Bridal Procession, Ite Missa East, Atlantis Chonicles (Apathia Records), Petosaure (La Souterraine) and currently for STAL. I turned to the world of production and recording by creating THE OFFICE / THE ARTIST to be able to fully express my needs for creation and discovery. I have since produced and mixed hundreds of songs in all styles, from blues to rap, electro, pop, rock, metal or classical. My goal is to raise the music on which I work to the quality standards of the current industry while respecting the original vision of the artist.

Nicolas SOULAT


Nicolas SOULAT Guitarist and composer since the high school years, which initially started as a good plan to dry the amphitheater of statistical mathematics applied to the population finally took full control of my life self-taught. Passionate about music since the release of BAD 1987, it is finally in 1995 that I choose to take the guitar and make my main instrument. Between 2000 and 2013, I work within groups Symbyosis and Outcast as a composer and soloist. Fascinated by the talent of Franck "Kobolt" Chipouka, guitarist founder of Symbyosis, I immerse myself in the MAO with the purchase of a Korg Triton to start my first models. Then came Massive Attack's "Mezzanine" and John Williams' "Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone" and it was by immersing myself in the discography of these sacred monsters that the productions took a decidedly cinematic direction, exploring different influences. ranging from the golden age of Hollywood to recent gaming productions. Since then I have been perfecting my approach to sounds, harmonies and arrangement to strive for singular and personal music. In March 2017 I won the first prize of the competition of composition organized by the company 8dio and in April 2018, the demo contest organized by EastWest Sounds around the Hollywood Choirs bookstore.

“Great professionalism for a studio at the cutting edge of sound! One of the rare studios in the Paris region where you can go with your eyes closed! "
Alexandre Dumont, manager of Arielle Dombasle, Petosaure, Loris (& The Buskers).