Teletronix LA-2A Optical Compressor

Using a compressor is not easy. It is probably one of the most versatile but also often the most misunderstood tools in the audio world. It is used to give density to an instrument and allows it to remain stable in a mix. If you are a singer,

one does not simply release a song without a proper mastering meme

STEM mastering, also called “mixing” is an alternative to classic stereo mastering. Very useful in the context of self-production, it allows you to have more control over the elements during the final phase of the production of a title. Mastering is often a somewhat obscure phase of

change processor apple macpro 5,1 2010 intel xeon X5690

Hi everyone, new video on my adventure to change the processors from one of the studio's Apple MacPro 5,1 to new 5690-core Intel Xeon X12 3,46GHz processors and 64GB of DDR3 RAM. Good viewing.

Eiosis AirEQ, the ultimate cleaning eq plugin for mixing and mastering

EQ plugins are the plugins we use most often during a mix. They can be used to simply correct a take or to give it character. Depending on the kind of track you're working on, the EQ plugin you're going to use will be different. More

Video youtube side chain return effects mixing voice compressor

Once is not customary, today I will not write but speak through this little video which shows a little secret boot that I often use to prevent my effects from disturbing my voices. Good viewing. Jean-François DI RIENZOCreator of THE OFFICE / THE ARTIST in

The different steps to build an acoustic absorber panel

How to improve the acoustics of your home studio? We had already started to broach the subject in a previous post (which I invite you to read here) but once the question of the placement of treatments is addressed, there remains another equally important one: how to build my own panels

Hi everyone, Today I will not write but I will show you the details of the mixing of the vocals of a song called Un Peu D'air by the artist Noémie Luxain.

U87 Vintage at TOTA Studio

Buying a good microphone for the voice is an essential step to develop your home studio. Among the myriad of references available today, I will try to help you see more clearly to make the right choice according to your budget and your expectations. We

The acoustics of your home studio are essential to be able to work in good conditions. Indeed, we often talk about speaker neutrality but we often forget to say that we always hear a speaker in his room, and the role of the latter in the sound you hear.

Waveform of a compressed song

We often talk about "Loudness War" and its harmful effects on the quality of the music we listen to. Basically, when we talk about loudness in the music industry, we are talking about the feeling of volume that a song brings compared to another song. The perceived volume is dependent on two