We have tried to answer the questions we receive most often. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to send us a message via the contact form available here.

What are your rates ?

Because each project is different, we offer packages adapted to each one. Send us a message via the contact form to ask us for a quote, describing your needs as precisely as possible (what style of music, the instruments to record…). If you already have demos or layouts, feel free to attach a wetransfer link.

What is STEM Mastering?

STEM mastering is also sometimes called "Mixtering". It's a process halfway between mixing and mastering. It consists of working on the stems which are track groups (for example drums, basses, guitars, lead keyboards, pad keyboards, lead vocals, back vocals, FX) in order to have more possibilities to correct possible mixing issues before attacking a classic mastering phase.
This technique is perfect when you have finished your mix and you're happy with the overall vibe but for some reason can't seem to make the sound as big as you'd like.
To prepare your STEM mastering session you must export your track groups by having well removed all dynamics processing (compressors, limiters, etc.) present on the master section of your session. Your compressors will not react the same way when working on the whole mix at the same time and on separate groups.
Check once your exports are done that when you play all your STEMS at the same time you find exactly your mix.
Then send us your stems with the same resolution as what you used during the mix (48kHz / 24bits for example).

Do you use analog devices?

We have a whole collection of high-end peripherals in the studio and we use them whenever we think they will bring something magic. We choose the tools we use in mix and mastering based on what the song needs. Our machines are just as of color that we can bring to music but we don't force ourselves to use these colors if they don't match the song we're working on.

How are the retouching sessions going?

When we finish a mix, we like to make a live touch-up session with the client to be able to refine the last details that will make the piece really at the level of the market. Most of the time we do the alterations to the studio over a full day including the price is included in the mixing package.
If you prefer we can also do the touch up by email. In this case we have two complete sets of alterations after the delivery of the V1 which are included in the mix or mastering package.

What about remote touch-ups?

For remote retouching sessions we use the Audiomovers solution which allows us to stream our output from ProTools in HD directly to your browser. So you can listen very exactly the same as us and at the same time as we on your speakers that you know by heart.

Do you do DDP montages?

Yes, we offer to do your DDP montages with all the meta data to insert. Consider making your request for ISRC codes before ordering a DDP assembly.

Are you reamping?

Of course we offer reamping whether on our amps or on our profiles. You can either come and do the studio session or ask us to remamp your guitars and basses remotely.
If possible, prepare a list of sound references so that we can better understand your request.

Can you give me your opinion on my mix?

We are not used to giving our opinion on your mixes because it is something that involves a lot of personal choice. We allow ourselves to do it only with our regular customers because by dint of working together we are able to better identify what they are looking for and therefore to be able to guide them without taking precedence over their artistic will.

What styles of music do you do?

We work in almost all styles of music but we are mainly specialized in pop, electro, rap and rock. We also do a lot of mixing for orchestral music for film and television.

Do you have instruments available at the studio?

Yes we have everything a list of available instruments ready for our clients' sessions. This list evolves regularly but it includes a handcrafted battery by Eleven drums, a collection guitar and bass amps with Vox, Peavey, ENGL, Ampeg… as well as a collection of effect pedals and guitars (PRS CE24, Fender Telecaster, Ibanez JPM P1…)

What is in your Kemper profile packs?

Our Kemper profile packs generally contain between 20 and 40 .kpa file which cover all mic combinations with different amp settings. Each setting is chosen with care and each profile is tested on several guitars for its fidelity before being validated.

Do you like coffee?

Yes a lot.